Pachak Churna

           Pachak Churna 100g Rs. 250/- 

Pachak Ras


In Hyper Acidity Gives Relief in 3 Days with Netural Way Hyper acidity, Chest Irritation, Stomach Ache, Headache, Poor Digestion, Gastro Intestinal Disorders.


Pachak Churna is composed of all herbal components in there sushodit form which makes it very effective in itself. all the additives used in this product are in herbal form and no chemical component is used. It is guaranted product with 100% results.



  1. Pachak Churna helps to get relief from hyper acidity and gastritis.
  2. helps to relief from burning sensation in chest.
  3. It also reverses the other problems generated through acidity such as headache, burps, vomiting, irritation in chest.
  4. it helps to retain strong digestive system.
  5. also helps to maintain balance in body which is disturb due to indigestion.


Usage: 2 gm. (Half Teaspoons) twice daily.
Caution: To be taken under medical supervision.


In Hyper Acidity Gives Relief  in 3 Days with Netural Way.


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