Body Cure

Body Cure  (30/60 Tablet) Rs. 800/1600/- 


Intensify Desire, Fortify Stemna, Greater Satisfaction,  All Weakness, Nervous and Mental Disability & General Tonic.


Benefits :

  1. Body Cure  is a whole blend of pure gold which helps to increase stamina.
  2. It acts as a nervine and general tonic.
  3. It boost the body to cover weakness.
  4. Use of super h maintains whole body fitness and keep away all body aches eg: headache, pain in legs, pain in spinal cord.
  5. It also helps to cover mental weakness.
  6. It increases appetite.
  7. Super h also helps to increase sperm count and its intensity.
  8. It is a whole blend of essential minerals and vitamins.


Description :

Body Cure in itself represents the power of nature with its natural formula of treating  various diseases. it is prepared from pure gold, silver, iron bhasma which is prepared by taking them under the flame for nearly 4 months which this product very effective and result oriented.
It is mixture of various vitamins and minerals which refine the total body by eliminating disorders.


Dose: 1 Tablet with Water or Milk twice a day.
Caution: To be taken under medical supervision.

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